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Cable ID Markers / Rope Holder

The RFID tag is a thin, small footprint UHF tag developed principally for tracking insulated electrical cables. It has been designed to fit into a plastic cable marker for easy installation and optimum protection in instances where cables are moved around frequently. Alternatively, this cable tag can be applied directly to cables of ½” diameter or greater with vinyl heat shrink or clear electrical tape – a simpler and less costly application method.

The cable can also be used for other assets in which there is embedded metal, such as laptops or other IT equipment. The use cases should be evaluated individually to determine appropriate tag placement to achieve highest performance.

So why use RFID tags? The tag can carry information as simple as a pet owners name and address or the cleaning instruction on a sweater to as complex as instructions on how to assemble a car. One of the key differences between RFID and bar code technology is RFID eliminates the need for line-of-sight reading that bar coding depends on. Also, RFID scanning can be done at greater distances than bar code scanning.

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Cable Marker
Cable Marker, Rope Holder
Cable Marker, Various Colors
Cable RFID Holder
Cable Identification Holder for Bar Code
Rope Holder Identification Marker With Bar Code Window


  • All in one identification options by color markers, rope holders, bar code and RFID
  • Rope holder to neatly tied up cables after deployment
  • Bar coding for inventory
  • Accurate asset management of cable inventories


  • Easy installation using plastic Cable Markers
  • Rope holder secures cable
  • Colors to signify cable type
  • Colors to signify length
  • 2 Recessed pads to add standard 2" x 3/4" labels
  • or 2 recessed pads with engraved logos or part numbers
  • Clear windows to protect labels
  • Eliminates clear heat shrink
  • Identification markers are available with or without rope holding feature
  • Identification markers available with molded customer logo

View our Data Sheet on our Identification Markers.

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