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Mechanical Cable Assemblies

SCSI Female Assembly Mechanical cable assemblies utilize mechanical parts, components and equipment to manufacture.  Designing and building mechanical assemblies requires analysis and selection of components to meet the specifications of each assembly.

At So-Cal value added, we use quality components to ensure our mechanical cable assemblies meet or exceed our customers requirements as well as satisfy our goal of providing top quality custom cable assembly products.

So-Cal value added stands by our products, going the extra mile to manufacture quality mechanical cable assemblies.

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SCSI Female Cable Assembly
Multipass Rectangular Cable Assembly
SCSI Male Cable Assembly
Mechanical and Overmolded Circular Connector Cable Assembly
0.050 High Density Ribbon Cable Assembly
2mm Cable Assembly

Types of Mechanical Cable Assemblies

  • Electronic Assemblies
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Coaxial Assemblies
  • Flat Cable Assemblies
  • Audio/Video/Multi-Media Assemblies
  • I/O Assemblies
  • Power Assemblies

Call So-Cal at 805-389-5335 or contact us to speak with a design engineer about your assembly.