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Molded and Overmolded Cable Assemblies

Angled Overmolded DB-9 Assembly with Screws So-Cal value added molded cable assemblies are designed for long life and reliable performance in a variety of applications.  We manufacture a variety of molded cable assemblies including straight, right-angle, or customer specific molded back shells for different connectivity applications.  If your molded cable assemblies are rejecting at an unacceptable rate, you may have inherent problems that the overmold process may eliminate.

Overmolding Advantages

Overmolding circular connectors offers significant opportunities for product improvements with improved strain and flex relief. Manufactured properly, overmolding can improve performance and reduce total cost. Overmolding benefits provide the user with interesting opportunities for strain relief and improved pull strength not available with conventional backshell designs.

The trend toward overmolding circular connectors continues to expand as the use of military-style circular connectors’ gains popularity in industrial environments. This trend will gain momentum. Overmolding is a plus because it enhances an already good product and, in many instances, can make it better at a lower cost.

SCSI Overmolded Assembly Types of Molded Cable Assemblies

  • Electronic Assemblies
  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Coaxial Assemblies
  • Audio/Video/Multi-Media Assemblies
  • I/O Assemblies
  • Power Assemblies

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