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For more than 25 years, So-Cal Value Added has manufactured cables and cable harnesses for our customers that meet the demanding standards of the aviation industry.

All our value-added products are manufactured in our U.S. facility. Our capabilities includes military, commercial, and electrical box builds. We adhere to strict industry standards for manufacturing, meeting all customer required specifications.

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Meeting the exacting standards of the military is part of our corporate heritage.

So-Cal Value Added has more than 25 years of experience manufacturing cable assemblies, wire harnesses and mechanical box builds to the military. We work hard to meet all Mil-Spec and IPC-620 standards, we continue to provide contract, valued-added services and assembled products to many companies.

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Proud to have more than a decade of experience with environmental monitoring.

With environmental monitoring becoming an increasingly important function, So-Cal Value Added is proud to have more than a decade of experience providing box builds for monitoring stations and other applications, as well as harness assemblies. In addition, we have manufactured cable assemblies that are used in vehicle charging stations.

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For 20 years, we’ve specialized in assemblies for large automation processes.

For 20 years, So-Cal Value Added has served large industrial corporations, providing robotic cable harnesses as well as other cables used in robotics, and manufacturing large assemblies in the making of computer chips. Specializing in assemblies for large automation processes, we support our industrial customers with assemblies created specifically for their needs.

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So-Cal Value Added has a long history providing solutions to the automotive industry.

As essential parts in both foreign and domestic vehicles, all our products are 100% assembled in the U.S. Since our funding in 1991 we have manufactured cable assemblies as well as the wire harnesses that go inside cars and trucks. Today, we continue to manufacture cable assemblies for charging stations for use by electric vehicles.

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Few industries are as demanding as the medical sector, where even peripheral equipment can be part of a life-or-death process.

Since 1991, So-Cal Value Added has provided contract manufacturing to make cable assemblies that go into medical equipment. Quality is our #1 consideration in this environment; all our assemblies adhere to Customer requirements.

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Since 1991 So-Cal Value Added has provided cable assemblies for the communications industry.

Despite the booming demand for cellphone and wireless networks, wired systems are still very much part of our grid – and require high-quality cable to keep communications flowing. Since 1991, So-Cal Value Added has specialized in providing cable assemblies for RF communications industries from commercial to military grade.

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As the solar industry continues to grow, So-Cal Value Added is right alongside.

For the last decade we have provided cables as well as framing and electrical box builds to build off circuit components for industrial-scale use. Among other customers, we have previously been contracted by Edisun MicrogridsTM to partially assemble its PV BoosterTM product, a 2-axis tracker with commercial PV panels.

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Mining Oil & Gas

Heavy-duty cables, cable assemblies and box builds.

For more than a quarter century, So-Cal has manufactured heavy-duty cables, cable assemblies and box builds that handle temporary power distribution for mining industries. In the oil & gas industry, we have assembled electrical box builds as well as wire harnesses for companies that handle the communication between gas pipelines and command centers.

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