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Entertainment Cable Assemblies

High quality cable assemblies are as essential to the success of any production. So it’s important to choose a company you can trust.

So-Cal Value Added specializes in the highest quality overmolded custom cable assemblies, as well as mechanical assemblies, designed for reliable performance in motion picture production, live events, television, theatres, stages, worship centers, and similar locations. Our clients include a broad variety of segments in the entertainment industry.

Quality You Can Trust In

reliable cables for every type of live entertainment,
that will last even the toughest handling

Types of Entertainment Cable Assemblies:

> Audio Snake Cables
> Video Snake Cables
> Microphone Cables
> Speaker Cables
> Guitar Cables
> Midi Cables
> Molded 19pin Audio Fan-outs Cables
> Molded DT-12 Snake Cables
> RGB Snake Cables
> VGA Cables
> ¼” Cables
> 3.5mm Cables
> DMX Cables
> RCA Cables
> XLR Audio Cables
> Y-adapters for audio/video/lighting

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