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Coaxial Cables

Coaxial cable is often used as a transmission line to carry a high-frequency or broadband signal but may also be used for lower frequencies such as audio.

The electromagnetic field carrying the signal exists in a space between the inner and outer conductors. The shielding reduces interference from external electromagnetic fields, and somewhat reduces the possibility of the transmitting device causing undesired interference through transmission line leakage.

The Advantage of Coax

a frequency range to support multiple channels, which allows for much greater throughput

Types of Coaxial Cable Assemblies:

> Ethernet Cables
> T-3/E-3 Cables
> U.FL
> Triaxial Cables
> Twin-axial Cables
> Semi-Rigid
> Hard-line Assemblies
> Head-end Assemblies
> Conformable Coax Assemblies
> Wireless Low-Loss Transmission Coax Assemblies
> Mil – QPL Coax Assemblies
> Miniature Coax Assemblies

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