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So-Cal value added Quality

At So-Cal value added, our main focus is quality. Our in-house training program ensures that each and every So-Cal value added employee is trained to our exacting standards

Our assemblers are all IPC certified and quality is built in to each cable assembly for repeatability and on time delivery. All assemblies are 100% functional tested.

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Our Standards Are High

our products meet those standards “every time”

All employees of SO-CAL value added are dedicated to:

> Producing the Highest Quality Product – “Every Time”

> Meeting Customer Specified Requirements – “Every Time”

> Delivering Products as Promised – “Every Time”

> Achieving Customer Gratification – “Every Time”

> Continual Improvements to Quality & Service – “Every Time”

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At So-Cal value added we are proud of our performance measurements for both quality and on-time performance.

It’s easy to skew performance measurements internally, but when you receive performance details externally from a customer that equally correlate to the internal performance data, then we can demonstrate the value of our quality process.

ANAB Accredited - ISO/IEC 17021 - Management Systems Certification Body  

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So-Cal Value Added has many capabilities in it’s field:

> Custom Molded Assemblies
> Over-Molded Assemblies
> Discrete Wire Harness
> Cut and Strip
> RF Coax Assemblies
> High Density Assemblies
> Custom Cable Assemblies
> Temporary Power Cables
> Electrical/Electronic Box Builds
> Portable Cord Assemblies
> Switch and Sensor Assemblies
> Ribbon Cable Assemblies
> Audio / Video Cable Assemblies
> Lighting Cable Assemblies
> 34 AWG to 250 MCM Assemblies
> High Level “Intricate” Assemblies
> Kitting (Customer Specific)
> Logistical Drop Ship Orders
> Stock Replenishment Programs
> Hi-Pot Testing with Reports
> Guaranteed Shipment Programs
> In-house Testing Programs
> Reverse Engineering
> Engineering Support

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